Curator's Statement
Aunia Kahn

"Tarot and the revelations that countless people have come to seek from their use inspired me to launch The Lowbrow Tarot Project. Since the completion of my Silver Era Tarot deck, which explored every tarot suit plus the Major Arcana, artists have complimented the ability to complete such a large individual project. Many expressed wishing they could have done the same thing, but the lack of time and ongoing commitments seemed to prevent the vast majority.

When I put the wheels in motion, the concept of this new project needed a simpler incarnation: one artist to one card of the Major Arcana. There were no restrictions, except that the work would need to be a new original piece and be focused around the card they were given or wanted to complete. The original call for art hit the streets with an overwhelming response, with close to 1,000 submissions received.

The arduous task of choosing only twenty-two artists cemented the realization of how unique a project this was becoming. Visitors to La Luz De Jesus saw exhibition culminating multiple mediums in different formats and styles which encase each artist's original view of what tarot means to them, individually. Without such amazing talented and dedication the Lowbrow Tarot would not have become what it is today.

With the completion of this project, we celebrate the 2 year anniversary with the release of the Lowbrow Tarot Book & Deck. Thank you!"

Aunia Kahn


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